What she does?

She loves you. She likes you. She's in love with you. She sees you from a distance. She smiles just a the sound of your voice. She hears the smiles, she is not allowed to see. She sees and feels all the changes your body goes through. She supports all your decisions. She does not tell you NO. She accepts the good and bad. She is waiting for the day she will know her value in your life. She waiting for you to love her as much as she does you. She is waiting for you to see the difference between her and you friends. She is waiting for you to not to think of her as all the other girls. She's waiting on you. She appreciates you. She tries to show you how much she loves you. She wants you to see and know that she cares. She cares. She only wants you. She thinks the world of you. She adores you. She admires you work ethic. She admires the way you do thinks. She has never been as fascinated with anyone as much as she is will you. She thinks of you and her day is made. She will never stop loving.

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