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Jess Glynne - Take Me Home [Official Video] 09/11/2016

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Happiness 08/11/2016

You have to live like you depend on you. Be your own strength and solid ground. Be happy. Be beautiful. In all you do.... Be You Always.

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Heartbroken. 02/11/2016

I thought I knew what love was. I gave in to the bullshit. I believed. I trusted. I gave more than my 50%. I was all in... I loved.
My parents would've loved you. And I knew it. I made future plans with you... things I said I would never do. It is always good in the beginning and was good while it lasted.
You told me me to break my walls. Let you in. Give us a chance. You made all the promises. You said you would love no one else. U did it all for me to believe in love. I knew the possibilities and you said no. Trust me I will never break your heart.
You were so sincere. That oh so kind, pleasant, caring face. The gloss of your brown eyes. The taste of your sweet, soft lips and kisses. The sound of deep masculine, commanding voice. The feel of your hands on my body. The butterflies. The feel of your body beside me at night. The hugs... o so comforting.

Not so comforting now that I know it all. All the shit and fuckery I knew and now what I have found out. You were never really mine. You cheated the whole time we were together. I knew it and I still trusted you. I didn't ask questions. It was just how it was. Love is blind right. You had it all your way. You took control. I gave up my pride, my independence, my morals and my lifestyle for you. What did u give up? Nothing.

Guess what now you motherfucker, you lost, you asshole. You are dead to me. Fucking fuck you. Am over you.

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Attachment 31/03/2016

We get ourselves into positions we usually say we may never get into... we believe... we trust... we hope... we want... we dream.... that what we believe in, trust in, hope for and dream of will be reality.... We hope and trust so much that it becomes our obsession... but we are never obsessed with what really is... We are obsessed with what we want it to... whatever it maybe... we make ourselves believe it is love... but is it??? Some say fake it until you make it... but how many actually make... nobody knows what life will really through at you... we can only believe in the best, hope for the best, want the best and dream of the best.. but what is your best??? Do you know your self-worth???
We get so attached to people who come into our lives we fail to see what's real and what it does to you... we lose ourselves... we forget what is important... the importance of you... Don't forget you.. Trust you... In all you do...
Be you always

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Minding Your Own Business 17/02/2016

Sometimes some bitches should know what to do,when to do, how to do... Sometimes they also need to mind there own business...
At the same times don't do r say things to or about people and they don't know... You never know what you have done to them... But be aware you never what they are able to do to you...
Be you always...

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The known and the Unknown 17/02/2016

We go through things unknown to the world... We try to think of the best and the worst comes hurting... We go places we see things... We see people's expressions and jump to conclusions... But how much do we really know?? We think of it... We judge... But why judge what u don't know... Dont be ignorant.. Know then voice... But sometimes there are some things you never say.
In all you do... Remember to be you always

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Opportunities 01/12/2015

Good things come to those who wait, who work hard, who are persistent and thos make the best of each opportunity that comes their way... When an opportunity knocks at your door:
Open gracefully
Welcome wholeheartedly
Process humbly
Remove each obstacle successfully
Achieve enthusiatically
If something is yours, it cannot be taken away from you give it away r give the opportunity for it to be taken away.
When that opportunity comes to you for you, do not give up take it as if your life depended on it. If you can see success at the end... It is yours. See it, reach for it, take it, keep it and own it.
Be you always.
----> K-kay ☺?

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New 23/09/2015

New environment. New beginnings. New opportunities.
We leave one stage of our lives and say this is the end. Why not say this is the beginning. Beginning of better. Memories are always there to cherish. Memories of the good times we sit and laugh and drink and party and go out and just have fun with our friends. Memories of celebration of success that came with the right attitude and determination. Memories of the sad times when we cried for failure and losing someone dear to us. There is better in the life we live. When we leave one stage to a next see it as another chance to right the wrong to be better to be happy, to live and remember and forgive.
Approach your new environment and life and changes with optimism. It's the beginning not the end. Approach it with enthusiasm. Approach it with the right mind set. Approach it with your all. If u succeeded once before you can do it again. Give it your best because only your best is good enough. Better you today= Better day tomorrow. Block negativity.
Be you always :)
--- Kkay :*

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Remember You 03/06/2015

When you have found something real don't let go. Don't lose yourself. Love without reason and love unconditionally. Don't hold back. Just remember you.
There are risks in everything you do. Be willing to take the chance. Remember you.
Be You Always
--> K-kay :) <3